Jim Made a Birdhouse

Today's post features the talented copywriter Jim Bosilijevac. Like many people out there, Jim's talents don't begin and end with his career. Jim apparently also has a knack for crafting wood as well as words, and this past weekend he decided to make a birdhouse for some lucky bird family. And this is no tract home folks, this is a genuine Bosilijevac original design. I hope you enjoy this short interview about the making of.

Did you know you were going to make a birdhouse this weekend
or did you decide spur of the moment?

I've been thinking for awhile that I wanted to use my hole saw, and i thought a birdhouse would be a good excuse.
I didn't really plan it, just kind of started making.

Mmmhmmm, and did you have any particular bird/birds in mind (you know, that hang around your yard) while you were making it?

I was thinking more of the cats and hoping they wouldn't bother the birds. We have strays that sunbathe on the neighbor's driveway. I know there are specific sized holes for certain birds. I figured I'd just cut a hole and whatever kind of bird liked that hole would move in. I may make a feeder to put up to make the yard more inviting.

Cool, last question, is hole saw the technical term for the saw?

Yes. It's a round saw that attaches to a drill.

I like it.

Thanks to Jim for sharing the house with us. I must say it reminds me of some secret, little Swedish bird cottage. No cookie-cutter bird McMansions for this yard.

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