Non-Traditional Pet Portraits

The pet portrait. A contraversial item. If you go out and have a realistic oil painting done of your beloved friend by some guy who also specializes in Tom Selleck portraits, well, that is really uncool and you're probably on your way to becoming an animal hoarder.

But luckily, for those of us who still love our animals but also realize there is a limit to how seriously you can take a family member who chews your favorite wool socks and throws up on your living room rug , there are some more light-hearted options on Etsy.

So if you get a wild hair and want to immortalize Mr. Paubles or Gary the Dachshund in a fun way, check out some of these options.


I love the detailing of the applique on these pillows. Simple graphic design that would look equally as cute tossed on a classic leather sofa as a Eames chair. Choose a background color that compliments your decor. If I was to order one, I don't think I would get the rope border. She does alpacas and llamas too!

I'm not going to lie, these are pretty "unique," but including them for originality and spirit. If you are man or woman enough to display a woman lounging on your cat's head amid glitter - kudos to you.

Wow Gerry! Where did you learn to do this?! The detail on these little felted portraits is amazing. And they have movable limbs (which I fully expect at $100 a pop). Please note how unappreciative the white cat is that he is being stared down by his exact replica. If a felted Natalie was staring at me, I WOULD NOT be snoozing.

By now most of you have probably seen something from the cute animals-in-clothes trend that has been going around, but I thought this embroidery version was a fresh take on it.

If I was going to drop some money on a custom pet portrait. I would spring for one of these little guys. Custom made stuffed portraits using little scraps of fabric that resemble your pet's fur color and texture. These are charming as hell, and what a cute (non-creepy) way to remember Mr. Whiskers or Stanley after they pass.

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